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What Counts? Albert Einstein and the Philosophy of Training


– Derek M. Hansen – Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” As a track coach and strength and conditioning coach, I am always trying to determine which components of the training program actually count, and which components do not really contribute to… [Continue Reading]

Usain Bolt Rewrites the Record Books Again – Now What?

– Derek M. Hansen – As I rolled out of bed this morning to watch the highly anticipated men’s 200m Olympic final, I expected to see another gold medal performance by Usain Bolt. Like Donovan Bailey, I was skeptical that I would actually see another world record, given Bolt’s numerous races and the magnitude of… [Continue Reading]

The Aftermath: Bolt Destroys Field in Olympic 100m

– Derek M. Hansen – I like everone else watched in amazement as Usain Bolt tip-toed through the tulips on the last 20 meters of his 100m Olympic final on Saturday, August 16th. The time of 9.69 seconds barely gave an indication of what he could have run had he decided to run hard right… [Continue Reading]

Two Rounds Down, Two to Go: The Olympic Men’s 100m

– Derek M. Hansen – After watching the heats and quarter-finals of the 2008 Olympic men’s 100 meters, I would say that the field is quickly sorting itself out. Despite my earlier assessment that Asafa Powell looked like the best candidate coming into the contest, Usain Bolt has shown that he is ready to aggressively… [Continue Reading]

Rhythm and Running: Hitting Your Stride

– Derek M. Hansen – I was having a discussion with a running client of mine recently, and she mentioned how she didn’t like to wear her i-Pod when running. She said that running for her was a time where she could be free and able to listen to her body. She felt the music… [Continue Reading]

Questions Heading into the 2008 Olympic Men’s 100m Showdown

– Derek M. Hansen – The 2008 Olympic men’s 100m appears to be one of the most highly anticipated Olympic races since Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis lined up back in September of 1988 in Seoul, Korea. But unlike the duel between Big Ben and King Carl, there are three contenders making a claim for… [Continue Reading]

Running: Intuitive Activity or Complex Motor Pattern?

– Derek M. Hansen – Running tends to be the most common training activity for individuals seeking to improve their fitness. It’s cheap and everyone knows how to run – left-right, left-right. For some, it’s right-left, right-left. Coaches of sport teams use running to condition their athletes whether it is running around a field or… [Continue Reading]

Balance Training or Balanced Training? Which is More Stable?

News flash: “Athletes and average citizens are falling over spontaneously and collapsing at the waist on a daily basis! What do we do? There is a world-wide epidemic of poor balance and stability resulting in sprained ankles, buckling knees and, ultimately, severe head injuries!” If this were the case, I could understand why a large… [Continue Reading]

Stretching Anatomy – 1st Edition

Stretching Anatomy – 1st Edition (Book) Retail Price $19.95 Click on image for latest SALE price Stretching Anatomy – 1st Edition (Book) See inside every stretch-and maximize flexibility! Stretching Anatomy will arm you with the knowledge to increase range of motion, supplement training, enhance recovery, and maximize efficiency of movement. You’ll also gain a detailed… [Continue Reading]

Perfecting the 40 Yard Dash – How Important Is It?

It’s that time of the year again. Football combine mania. Athletes from all over North America are prepping for and participating in combine tests that will determine their football future. Everything from the 40 yard dash, to 225lb bench press reps, to standing broad jump and vertical jump will be tested. And, the scouts will… [Continue Reading]