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Customer Service and Support

At RunningMechanics.com, we provide the highest level of quality service and support to all of our clients. Our training and instruction methods are based on a combination of current research and years of world class experience. The attention to detail that we provide in the area of running mechanics and training is unsurpassed. And once our training sessions have ended, we continue working for our clients behind the scenes, reviewing video footage and adjusting the training program to meet their ever-changing needs.

For on-line clients, we provide detailed analysis reports on their video footage, as well as personalized training programs tailored to their mechanical and physiological needs. We teach them how to shoot optimal video footage that they can send to us for evaluative purposes. We analyze the video on a frame-by-frame basis to determine the key areas of improvement. The technical review will determine the main thrust of the training program depending on whether or not they have a specific strength deficiency, a flexibility issue or an inappropriate motor program.

Contact us now to find out more about our comprehensive services for athletes of all ages, abilities and sporting backgrounds.