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Improving Running Mechanics

Improving your running mechanics is not so easy as reading a book about
running technique or watching a video of yourself running and then making simple changes. Implementing changes to your running technique is like peeling an onion. There are layers upon layers that have to be dealt with in a specific order. Time must be taken to ensure that one change in technique is not only retained, but also actively working interdependently with other aspects of your technique.

The first step in working with an athlete who would like to improve their running mechanics is to determine where they have come from. This has nothing to do with geography, but has more to do with revealing their training past and determining where significant improvements can be made. In most cases, athletes – both competitive and recreational – have not been adequately taught proper mechanics. In these cases, starting from scratch is required to have them unlearn bad habits and free themselves of restrictions. Some poor technical habits are so deeply ingrained that isolated drills must be combined with active flexibility work and even manual therapy techniques to free up the muscles (literally and figuratively) so that new, proper pathways can be developed.



At RunningMechanics.com, we treat all clients as an “open book”. Although we have a process and guidelines for instruction, each athlete is treated as an individual, isolated case. As with many tasks, improving running mechanics can involve taking one of several paths to mastery. While one cue or method may work with one athlete, another athlete may respond to something completely different. Only years of experience working with thousands of different athletes can hone the skills of a coach to make the “right call” at the right time when instructing an athlete. We pride ourselves as being at the leading edge of providing quality instruction for runners of all types, ages and abilities.

Ideally, we would like to work with all of our clients one-on-one, in-person. Our one-on-one sessions yield significant results in just a short time. A common client type is the college football player preparing for the 40 yard dash for their pro combine or pro-day. We may only have one or two sessions to improve start and acceleration mechanics, because you cannot implement an overall training plan in just two sessions. However, significant gains can be had by providing key cues and increasing awareness of what needs to happen mechanically on the day. We do also provide on-line help via video review and on-going communication. For the clients who can’t travel to us, on-line consultation can still result in significant improvements.

We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the best possible instruction when it comes to running mechanics, as well as overall training and recovery. Please take some time to navigate our site and contact us for more information.