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Training Plans

Regardless of how efficient your running technique looks, all athletes must have an overall training plan to guide them to their goal. Without a well-planned training plan, an athlete is lost. It is analogous to having a really fast, well-tuned race car but no map of the race course. You will go nowhere fast.

At RunningMechanics.com, we are always keeping our eyes on the big picture. Many of our clients are looking for a combination of technical help and programming guidance. Our training plans complement the technical training that we provide. If athletes do not follow an optimal combination of intensity, volume and recovery in their training program, they will not be in a position to improve their performance and maximize their technical skills. Even worse, injuries can result.

We can provide training plans for short-term goals, annual planning or multi-year planning. The training plan will be built around a foundation of proper technique to help you in your sport of choice. In addition, prescriptions for weight training, flexibility work and recovery-regeneration can also be a part of your overall plan. Contact us for more information on our overall training plans and comprehensive packages.